Eyre Peninsula Coastline

Just the best beach holiday destination and road trip heaven.

Western Australia has the reputation for Australia’s best beaches and ocean views but I think they have a serious rival in Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. We were actually here for so long because we were waiting for the WA borders to reopen (Covid). Then the WA premier reneged on his opening date promise and they were slammed shut in our face again. So we stayed on Eyre Peninsula and quite frankly we don’t need WA now. Eyre Peninsula is stunning if you have to time to really explore.

We spent over a month between Port Lincoln and Streaky Bay and it’s been heavenly. We were fully immersed in living an ocean life, travelling short distances and camping at some amazing and quiet beachfront locations. We walked on the edge of breathtaking coastal cliffs, marvelled at the fabulous surfing swells, walked on lonely beautiful beaches and caught fish straight off the beach. For us, that is an achievement on account of us living in Alice Springs and knowing nothing about fishing. That says something about Eyre Peninsula

Double bunger on the beach at Elliston

The highlights in terms of scenery, definitely the rugged cliffs with sandy coves and rolling surf around Elliston as well as camping on the beach at Perlubie near Streaky Bay. Just spectacular. The highlight in terms of ocean living has been catching and eating King George whiting, once again at Elliston and Perlubie. Once you eat fresh fish camping at the beach, it’s going to be very hard to go back to a greasy fish’n’chip shop.

Van life at its best at Perlubie Beach

Eyre Peninsula is remote, spectacular and a little bit wild. The crystal clarity of the ocean is remarkable on a sunny day. In the secluded bays the aqua ocean is pristine, the rock pools endlessly fascinating and there is something so special about having a whole beach to yourself on some days. .

Rock pool

It would actually be sheer perfection if it wasn’t for the weather being so fickle. On a sunny still day it was a calm, exquisite paradise. Windy days made beach life a bit ordinary but I still appreciated that element of the wildness of the Southern Ocean. The swells get huge with curling, foaming waves hurtling into cliff faces. The swirling wind blows sand in your face but that’s ocean life.

Gotta love wind swept sand dunes. Plenty of them on Eyre Peninsula

The whole coastline is incredibly photogenic So I’ll let my photos below show why Eyre Peninsula needs to be on any travel itinerary.

Coffin Bay National Park
The ocean Fishery Bay Port Lincoln
Camping literally right on the beach at Perlubie Beach
Watch those Perlubie tides though. Over 2 metres and it gets high up the beach
But how heavenly is Perlubie camping
If your lucky you might nab a beach shelter at Perlubie but you can pull up right along the beach anywhere
Sunset at Venus Bay
Cooking fresh razor fish easy to find at Perlubie Beach
Yum and eaten super fresh on the beach
Such fabulous coastline near Elliston
Razor fish at low tide at Perlubie Beach
Even stormy days were scenically special (Venus Bay)
Sunset camped at Sheringa Beach. Just wow.
This is a great life
Eyre Peninsula even has a wave rock. Pildappa Rock near Minnipa
Great camping right at the rock
Them window views right on the beach are just the best ❤️
Yes, this is an Eyre Peninsula style lazy day

I have so many beautiful memories of Eyre Peninsula. It’s one of the most exquisite, relaxing carefree travel destinations. The pace of life is deliciously slow. Just beach walk, swim in the jewel like ocean, fish, explore and enjoy the sunsets. Can’t get better than that and West Australia your pedestal has been knocked down a fraction in our eyes. No longer a case of west is best.

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I was lucky enough to born an Australian. I love this beautiful country. I’ve spent time living in South Australia, the Red Centre and Tropical North Queensland and have travelled far and wide in this great Southern Land. The excitement of an overseas holiday is wonderful, but for me, nothing can rival a great Aussie Road trip. In a 4x4, the more remote the better. Where the scenery is unique and the people are so few that you feel like the only person in the world. There’s no timetables, no stress and no airport queues. Just a big blue sky and a road or dirt track that leads somewhere special. This is my home and this blog is my way of sharing it ❤️

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