Is travelling around Australia really ‘living the dream’

A little essay on ‘living the dream’. Some philosophical peregrinations.

The thing with this lifestyle is that it’s not all ‘living the dream’. Going from adventure to adventure and endless days of carefree happiness. That’s a fantasy. Like normal life there are highs and lows.

On Eyre Peninsula we had plenty of highs exploring that gorgeous coastline. Scenic beauty does it for me every time. The low points we had were associated with the fickle weather and the Western Australia premier reneging on his promise to open the border. That threw us a real curveball and lots of profanities were mentioned in conjunction with his name.

However, Australia is a big beautiful country and I do absolutely love Tasmania’s Alpine scenery, so we refocused. We’ve done Tasmania four times but the high country in Victoria and The Snowy Mountains in NSW have never been much on our radar before. It’s almost sacrilege that we’ve never climbed Kosciusko and had 4×4 fun in Man from Snowy River country.

Travelling east we go via the South Australian Riverland towns. The sunsets were nice and the roadside fruit stalls just delicious. Nice to experience Murray River country but we trapped ourselves because we were waiting for a caravan part to be delivered to a freight depot. Which was delayed. And after 5 days we hit a real low point. What are we doing? This isn’t living the dream. No excitement. Just hanging around. The occasional sightseeing drive didn’t inspire. We might as well be at work earning money. You get the idea. Mega low approaching. Standing on the edge of a precipice.

So, we saw what was happening to our mental state by the type of conversation we were having. The solution. Go find the mojo again. Get the heck out of dodge. Bugger the freight, which is still at least 4 days away. We can try reorganise that. So we hitched up the van and crossed the border and are now on a really scenic stretch of the Murray River in NSW. Just overnight – on our way to the high country in Victoria. There’s a flicker of excitement on the breeze.

I slowly feel the mojo returning. That’s the thing though. The travelling life isn’t an escape from life. You can’t be perpetually on a high having the best time. The lows will invariably come and we still have to deal with that. However, we are in the perfect position to change our situation easily now. That’s life on wheels and it’s a nice thought. If the passion isn’t there and it’s making us miserable, change our situation. Go find the passion. Nothing is set in stone. That’s freedom. In a way that’s ‘living the dream’. I like the thought of that 😊

Author: letusbefreeblog

I was lucky enough to born an Australian. I love this beautiful country. I’ve spent time living in South Australia, the Red Centre and Tropical North Queensland and have travelled far and wide in this great Southern Land. The excitement of an overseas holiday is wonderful, but for me, nothing can rival a great Aussie Road trip. In a 4x4, the more remote the better. Where the scenery is unique and the people are so few that you feel like the only person in the world. There’s no timetables, no stress and no airport queues. Just a big blue sky and a road or dirt track that leads somewhere special. This is my home and this blog is my way of sharing it ❤️

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