Lorella Springs Station – Savannah Way, Northern Territory


Paradise is a hard word to define because everyone’s concept of it is different. Fortunately, Kevin and I are on similar wavelengths here (except his version includes beer). We have found a pretty good version of paradise here at Lorella Springs Station.

This place is magic. It’s completely wild, natural, untouched and remote. A destination for 4WD adventure seekers only.  The road is far too rough for all but the most rugged off-road caravans, so it’s quiet and everywhere we go we have it mostly to ourselves. A few camper trailers and other slide-on campers come and go and some 4WD bus tours but they don’t venture far from camp.

We spend a couple of days following 4WD tracks through sand, mud, rocks, bulldust and water. There is a thousand kilometres of them on this one million-acre property. On foot, we clamber and scramble over rocks and through creek beds following pink ribbon markers in trees and we are always rewarded with an exquisite waterhole (crocodile free), gorge or waterfall. We drive, walk, swim, drive, walk, swim.  Its lovely. Its adventurous. It’s just our kind of thing.

We camp only 20 metres away from the natural thermal spring in the creek. It’s not too hot and not too cold and in the early morning steam rises from the creek. I stay in there until my fingers wrinkle like prunes.

Michelle in the completely natural thermal spring. How awesome to have it all to myself.

We visit places like helicopter pool, fern gully, fossil fern, la spa and nannas retreat. Each place is unique and lovely and worthy of just one more swim. It’s a wonderful piece of the Northern Territory that has stayed wild, untouched and completely natural. No paths or handrails or causeways.  I hope it stays that way.

The very beautiful Helicopter Pool. Magic and 10/10 for wow factor.
Crystal clear water
Eat ya heart out Russell Coight! That would be la butt in ‘La Spa’ swimming hole.
Boiling the billy and picnic lunch at ‘Fern Gully’ swimming hole. The water was lovely.
Swimming through the Gorge at ‘Nannas Retreat’ to reach the cave at the other end. Adventurous!

Lorella Springs is located at the end of a 29km track off the Cape Crawford to Roper Bar Road. It is definitely remote, you need a 4WD to get here and you certainly need one to enjoy the attractions. The property borders Limmen National Park and is a commercial enterprise. The station owner concluded that a better living could be made from tourism than cattle.  The cost to stay here is $20 per person per night but this includes access to the whole property which extends all the way to the gulf for spectacular barramundi fishing and you can remote camp anywhere you choose. It pays to be totally self-sufficient and bring extra fuel as the station will charge you $3 a litre to top up here. There is bar with happy hour at 5pm every day and there are facilities at the main station campground which is huge. They are unique facilities. It’s kind of amazing showering under the stars a few minutes after you light a fire under the ‘donkey’.

The roof less shower cubicles and its unisex and the shower curtain blows open.
The ‘donkey’ behind the facilities. Light a fire under it as you have hot showers. Yay!

The best time of year to visit is now, in May and June, after the wet when the waterholes are still flowing. Later in the year they dry up and some become stagnant. At this time of the year they are amazing.

We only got a small taste of this paradise but that’s good because it gives us a reason to come back one day.

The following piccys show some of the ‘interesting’ 4WD tracks.

Although the photo doesn’t capture it very well. This was steep.
Add some rocks for good measure. My head nearly fell off here


Definitely put this place on your bucket list. Its awesome.

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I was lucky enough to born an Australian. I love this beautiful country. I’ve spent time living in South Australia, the Red Centre and Tropical North Queensland and have travelled far and wide in this great Southern Land. The excitement of an overseas holiday is wonderful, but for me, nothing can rival a great Aussie Road trip. In a 4x4, the more remote the better. Where the scenery is unique and the people are so few that you feel like the only person in the world. There’s no timetables, no stress and no airport queues. Just a big blue sky and a road or dirt track that leads somewhere special. This is my home and this blog is my way of sharing it ❤️

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